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Studio at Crossroads Village MHA


Sunday July 3rd 2pm-3pm
Thursday July 7th 7pm-8pm

430 square foot studio apartment on the first floor available at Crossroads Mutual Housing Association, a 26 unit 2 building complex located almost at the corner of University and San Pablo Avenues in Berkeley. Move in date is August 15, preferably, or Sept. 1st.

We are self-managed and operated. We need new members who are excited to be a part of making Crossroads a better place to be. Attend monthly board meetings, join the board, help keep common areas clean, host barbeques for your neighbors or ? Your enthusiasm and self-motivated follow through in participation is what we are looking for. Be creative with what that might look like for you.

You join the non-profit organization that is Crossroads Mutual Housing Association with your $656 security deposit plus $25 membership fee. There is no equity, and no individual ownership of the units. This is perpetual affordable housing. With permission you may alter the interior of your apartment, but you will not be reimbursed for upgrades.

47 people live here, ranging from 1-75 years old. We are very diverse; many languages are spoken here.Turnover is extremely low. Some families have lived here for generations. Though, initially, the idea for Crossroads was for it to be a place where you could live cheaply and save enough money to buy a house and move on. We do not accept Section 8 vouchers.

Studio completely redone two years ago with wall to wall carpeting, fresh paint, linoleum in kitchen, new cabinets, counter top and tile. Garage and laundry facilities on premises. New tenant would be first on a waiting list for a parking space.

Complex is gated and very private from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. Lots of potted plants, a shared patio with a barbeque right behind the studio. Bicycle racks in the courtyard. We have a meeting room which may be used to host your private events, birthday parties, meetings, etc. for free.

Rent includes gas, water and garbage. You pay the electric bill for your unit (ranges from $9-60/month depending on your usage).

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Be non-tobacco smokers (we are slowly transitioning to a non-smoking building by requiring new tenants to be non-smokers).

2. When living at Crossroad you may not own or rent a property elsewhere, or otherwise have an additional dwelling.

3. Be interested and excited to participate in the operations of the building and actually do it!

4. Your income must be at least 3 times the monthly rent of $328. That means $984/month or $11,808 annually. At the time of move in you also must not make more than $45,100 annually. 2 adults may not make more than $51,000 annually.

5. Be willing to observe quiet hours from 10pm-6am and simultaneously not be super sensitive to noise transmission through the walls, floors, and ceiling. We have no insulation and sound travels easily between units.

6. No more than 2 people may occupy the studio.


Sunday July 3rd 2pm-3pm
Thursday July 7th 7pm-8pm

Please join us for an open house to view the apartment, meet a couple members, and ask any questions. You may fill out an application at that time or e-mail me for a copy (I have photos too, just ask). Be sure to attach $10 check or money order for the credit check. From the qualified applications we receive we will be doing interviews by committee from July 17-19th and will notify interviewees of acceptance by July 20th.

Entrance is located just north of the Wells Fargo Bank through the black metal gate. Use gate code posted there to gain access.
1970 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, 94702.

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