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Parker Street Co-op


Parker Street Co-op is a 24-unit limited equity cooperative composed of studios and 1 bedroom apartments, located off of Telegraph Avenue, a few blocks south of UC Berkeley’s campus.  We live simply, grow some of our own food, and manage the building together (including maintenance) to keep costs down.  We share a monthly meal and have potlucks on Sundays.  Parker Street Co-op seeks new applicants for ownership who have the time, interest, and desire to be active participants in sustaining our special community.  See our website here: http://parkerstreetcoop.org/

Some key information that has been important to applicants over the years: our units are cozy (around 350 square feet for studios and 500 square feet for 1BR’s); we discourage dog and cat pets; we don’t allow smoking indoors, even in your own unit; there are significant subletting restrictions; and we require members to purchase their member share up front before moving in (currently around $13,000-$17,000 as of the time of this writing, depending upon the size of the unit/we buy in at a lower price and agree to sell at a very low price if we leave) and show that they can pay the monthly carrying charges of about $500, which cover shared expenses.  We also have a lot of fun, and we don’t spend all our time making rules!  This just addresses common questions we get.

 Thank you for your interest in Parker Street.  Please send questions parkerstcoop@yahoo.com.

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