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Mariposa Grove

North Oakland

Mariposa Grove is a residential intentional community in North Oakland.

We are artists, musicians, a massage therapist, grad students,
writers, activists – all of us caring and fun people. We trust and
respect each other, communicate well, and have a lot of fun together!

In addition to the condo, the buyer would have partial ownership of
our wonderful common spaces where we come together for meals, creative
pursuits, and collaborations. Common areas include office space, an
art studio, a workshop, vegetable gardens with more than twenty fruit
trees, two guest rooms, a playroom/movement space, and bountiful
outdoor space including a swing and a stage, chickens and bees, and
A buyer be must committed to living in community. and have an income between $35,000 and $64,400,
and will be eligible for a variety of subsidies and special loans, making the apartment extremely affordable. 

Please see our website for more details:


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