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Coop Resources

Web links for Co-ops and Information about Co-ops

 Information on Housing Co-ops

 Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB)   

National Association of Housing Cooperatives

International Cooperative Alliance-Housing

We Own It 

Cooperative Housing Information Center 

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives


Policy Link

Policy Link 2

 Co-op Directories

Bay Co-operative Housing Directory  lists several other directories

Communities Directory: FIC Directory Online

Bay Area Cooperative Association lists several other directories

Coop Network

Community Land Trusts 

Burlington Associates Technical Assistance for CLTS

Institute for Community Economics   FAQs about CLTs

Bay Area Community Land Trust

San Francisco Community Land Trust (SFCLT)

Oakland CLT

Community Land Trust of West Marin (CLAM)

 Worker Owned Co-ops

TechCollective   Worker Owned and Operated IT Consulting Firm

Electric Embers  worker-owned cooperative that provides Internet hosting services

Mandela Foods Cooperative worker owned grocery in Oakland 

NOBAWC   Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives 

Missing Link Worker-owned Bicycle Sales and Service

Cheese Board Worker-owned bakery, cheese store and pizzeria

Arizmendi Worker-owned bakery and pizzeria. Stores in Emeryville, Oakland and San Francisco

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