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How to Rate Contractors

Dear Coop Member;

Are there contractors or other service providers that you have used that you would like to recommend? We would like to add them to the list posted in this section.

We suggest a few basic criteria that we look for in contractors.  If you have others, please add your comments:

Reliable: returns phone calls, shows up when they say they will,

Clean: takes care (especially inside) to clean up thoroughly after job

Professional: highly skilled, does the job right the first time, starts and finishes a job without unreasonable delays

Honest:gives a clear estimate of costs and sticks to it, gives a clear explanation of the work to be done, can be trusted to be in your home

Reasonably priced: cheap is not always best, but expensive can be out of reach.  How are they on the price scale?

Other points that are worth considering:

Lives in a co-op?  (We should support others who share our belief in coops.)

Understands co-op process?  It sometimes takes longer to make decisions (like paint colors?) than with a single family homeowner.

Local? Minority or Woman owned? Other?

Obviously, regardless of the experience of one group, you should always check other references.

Recommendations should be emailed to CoopNetwork.  Please look at the format of the attached listing to provide information about the contractor. Please provide Your Name, the name of Your Coop, and the best way to reach you, including email and/or phone number.

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