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Bay Area Coops, Collective Houses & Cohousing

East Bay Limited Equity Co-ops

Addison Court Co-op, PO Box 2421, Berkeley, CA, 94702 achc@addisoncourt.org, achc-coop.blogspot.com
Derby Walker House Co-op, Berkeley, derbywalkercoop@bayareaclt.net
Ninth St. Co-op, Berkeley, cooptaskforce@yahoo.com
Parker St. Co-op, Berkeley, parkerstcoop@yahoo.com. parkerstreetcoop.org
Savo Island Co-op, Berkeley, 510-841-4595
Razzlesnatch Co-op, Berkeley
Walnut House Co-op, Berkeley, walnuthousecoop@gmail.com, http://walnuthousecoop.net/

East Bay Non-Equity Co-ops

Berkeley Student Cooperatives, Berkeley, http://www.bsc.coop
Crossroads Village MHA, Berkeley, Crossroads1970@comcast.net
Brown Shingle Mutual Housing, Berkeley, 510-545-3258
Oregon Park Senior Apts
, Berkeley, 510-848-8554
University Ave Co-op, Berkeley, 510-843-5937

East Bay Market Rate Co-ops
Berkeley Town House, Berkeley, berkeleytownhouse.com
Atchison Village, Richmond,510-234-9054

Woodstock Homes Corporation, Alameda,  woodstockhomes.org, 510-769-8844

East Bay Cohousing Communities
Berkeley Cohousing, Berkeley, berkcoho-info@ebcoho.org
Doyle Street Cohousing, Emeryville, info@emeryville-cohousing.org, www.emeryville-cohousing.org
Golden Gate Cohousing, Oakland, jacksawyer@comcast.net, www.goldengagecohousing.org, 510-540-0940

Hidden Creek Cohousing, Oakland, jeff.fry@gmail.com, 510-534-1333
Mariposa Grove Cohousing, Oakland, mariposa@ic.org, www.mariposagrove.org/
Swan’s Market Cohousing, Oakland, interest@swansway.com, www.swansway.com
Temescal Commons Cohousing, Oakland, changewrite@earthlink.net

Temescal Creek Cohousing, Oakland, karen@hesternet.com, 510-450-0651
Triple Point Cohousing, Oakland, info@triplepointcohousing.org , www.triplepointcohousing.org

East Bay Cooperatively Owned Houses
Brigid House Collective, Berkeley, brigidcollective@yahoo.com
Fairview House Co-op, Berkeley info@fairviewhouse.org
Fort Awesome, Berkeley cooperativeroots@yahoo.com
Prudence Crandall House, Oakland, springfriedlander@sbcglobal.net
Fort Radical, Berkeley, 3088king@barringtoncollective.org
The Playground, Oakland, theplayground@sbcglobal.net

Toad Hall, Berkeley, connected@covad.net

San Francisco Limited Equity Co-ops

Columbus United Cooperative, Chinatown, sfclt.org

San Francisco Cooperatively Owned Houses
Baker's Dozen Co-Op, Western Addition, 415-346-2990 ext. 2

Purple Rose Collective, Western Addition, (Fulton St.), 415-929-0671, purrose@sonic.ne

Purple House Co-op, Western Addition, (Oak St.), thepurplehousesf@gmail.com

Marty's Place, Email: mpahc@mpahc.org; Website: www.mpahc.org

Other Bay Area Co-ops

Santa Rosa Creek Commons, Santa Rosa, santarosacreekcommons.org
FAHA Palms Cooperative, Sonoma, fahausa.org/gallery/23

For additional cooperative housing listings, see:
Bay Area Cooperative Association
San Francisco Bay Area Coop Housing Directory                       
Both list several other directories to contact

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