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Crossroads Village MHA


 Crossroads Village Mutual Housing Association is a not-for-profit (501c3) corporation that owns 26 apartments at 1970 San Pablo Ave, 2 commercial office spaces at 1966 & 1968 San Pablo, the store front at 1085 University Avenue and an office space & meeting room for the MHA at the rear of 1085 University.

The purpose of Crossroads is to provide stable, well maintained affordable housing for low income families and individuals.

The owners of Crossroads Village are the apartment residents. When moving into an apartment, the lessee pays a non-refundable membership fee to join the MHA. The resident is then a member-owner of the corporation, but a renter of their apartment. There is no equity and when moving out, the lessee only gets back the deposit they paid at move-in (subject to the same considerations as any rent deposit refund).

The member-owner-renter’s advantage is low rent and stable housing with control over operations through participation as a board member or on one of the working committees, and by voting at the annual and/or special membership meetings. Applicants are required to be at an income level below 60% of area median.

Costs at Crossroads Village are kept down through sweat equity, a volunteer board of directors and cooperation among members. There are no absentee landlords or anyone receiving profit from the rentals – everything is put back into the building.

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