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Crossroads Pre-Application

1 BR Apartment

It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race,
color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

Crossroads Village Mutual Housing Assn.
1970 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley

Crossroads Village MHA is a non-profit corporation that owns the apartments at 1970 San Pablo Ave. As a nonprofit, the mission of Crossroads Village is to provide affordable (below market rate) apartments to low income people. We do not have Section 8 apartments. The building is located at the corner of University and San Pablo Aves., so is very urban but convenient to buses
and shopping. Crossroads is a nonsmoking building.

As tenants, we run the building cooperatively and the tenant Board of Directors is primarily responsible for the financial and physical health of the property. We are always looking for new tenants who can contribute some time and expertise in helping to run the building.

We welcome diversity and we are pleased to receive applications from persons of all ages and backgrounds.

We currently have no vacancies, but if you fill out this pre-application and mail it to us, the Tenant Selection Committee will consider sending you an application when an appropriate vacancy comes up. All the information you provide will be confidential.

We have 26 residential units, including 2-bedrooms, 1-bedrooms and studios, a secure garage, and two laundryrooms.  The four ground floor apartments (studio and 1-bdrms) are wheelchair accessible, but the 2nd and 3rd floors, including the laundryrooms, and the garage are not. Indoor cats are okay. Service dogs only.

Move-in cost is a security deposit equal to twice the monthly rent plus the first month’s rent plus a nonrefundable $25 membership fee. Rents are: 2-bdrm $521; 1-bdrm $437; studio $349.
Your minimum annual income should be approximately equal to three times the annual rent of the apartment you are applying for. For example, a 1-bdrm at $437/mo will cost (12 x $437) $5,244 per year. If you apply for a 1-bdrm, your annual income should be about $15,732 ($5,244 x 3) minimum.
Please include any other addresses or phone numbers where you are sure you can be reached. Please write legibly and be sure to respond to the last question regarding your interest in cooperative community living.
Name ___________________________Phone 1 (__)_______________
Address_________________________ Phone 2 (__)_______________
__________________________Message Phone (__)_______________

Please list all the people who will live in the unit you are applying for. Include yourself. Please indicate the annual income of each person listed.
Date: __________________
                                                                    Annual Income
Self: ____________________________________  ________________
       ____________________________________  ________________
       ____________________________________  ________________
       ____________________________________  ________________
       ____________________________________  ________________

First choice:     __ 1 bdrm __ 2 bdrm __ studio
Second choice: __ 1 bdrm __ 2 bdrm __ studio

IMPORTANT: Describe any experience, background or interests that you might contribute to a
cooperatively run apartment building. Continue on back of this page or attach second sheet.




Mail to: Tenant Selection Committee, Crossroads Village MHA,
1970 San Pablo Ave., # 5, Berkeley, CA 94702
Message 510-540-9672; TDD 800-735-2922; FAX: 510-540-9672

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