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Co-op Friendly Contractors

The list of Contractors and Service Providers below come recommended by coops who have used them. If you consider using their services, you should always check references. CoopNetwork provides this for your convenience, but makes no recommendation for the services. If you would like to recommend any contractor for this list, please read the criteria for recommendation here.


Coops that have contributed to this list and contacts for more information:

9th Ninth Street Coop, Berkeley  Rick Lewis   cooptaskforce@yahoo.com
Parker Parker St. Coop, Berkeley Brent Chadwick bdc377@gmail.com
Walnut Walnut House, Berkeley David Carrillo dcarrillo@prodigy.net
Addison Addison Court, Liza 510-843-6868 achc@addisoncourt.org
Crossroads Village MHA, Steve Keen, DJ-Mastermix@comcast.net
Ratzesnatch Coop, Jai Jai Noire, jai@mightysmallfilms.com
BACLT Bay Area Community Land Trust Rick Lewis rick@bayareaclt.org



Overall Concrete Co
, Enrique Arrizon, San Leandro,     510-461-1015
Quality work, creative, neat, reasonably priced, easy to work with (9th)

Eco Logical Builders
, Willie Lord, El Cerrito,                 415-823-5525
Subcontracts minimally, does most work himself.  Understands environmental choices and knows how to let the client be as green as they can afford.  (Addison)

Pearson Construction, Brian Pearson                          510-229-8992
Skilled in all phases of work.  Can do "handy-person" to room additions.  Reasonably priced. (BACLT)

Electrical & Gas Appliance Repair
Kim’s Appliance
, Oakland                                       510-436-5382 Small, one-man service (Walnut)

All Phase Construction, Nicolas Pinette                    510-595-4051 
friendly, knowledgeable, likes co-ops, generous with his time.  (Parker)
Amp'd Up Electric                                                925-550-6720 aue6@comcast.net    Does quality work / responds quickly to  calls (Crossroads)

Flooring Installation
Dawson Flooring Coverings, Oakland                      510-436-0346 When you ask for linoleum at other places, you get vinyl sheeting, a petroleum product.  Here you can get real linoleum if you ask for it.  It’s a great product.  Mr. Dawson himself installs.  Reliable, good workmanship, good price        (Parker)
Precision Floor Works, John Emery, San Leandro       510-895-2121 Installed linoleum flooring.  Good, clean job. Reasonably priced.  Courteous, very busy.  It was difficult to get into their schedule, but worth it.   (9th

U.C. Glass, Berkeley                                          510-845-3367

Beethoven's Gutterworks & Residential Services    
Cleaned rain gutters (3 stories high) and added mesh to keep out debris.  This is a Local Musician's Work Collective that donates 6% of profits to the music dept of the Bekeley Public Education Foundation.  (Ratzlesnatch)

Bakari Fakeli                                               BioDieselHauling@gmail.com
Handy work, yard work, small moves, hauling. Very eco-conscious, drives bio-diesel truck.  Very reasonable, sliding scale.  Contact him through email above or check out his website: http://www.biodieselhauling.org (Ratzlesnatch)

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Amber Flooring
, Berkeley                                     510-486-1750
Good quality, quick, reasonable, prompt, good clean up.  (9th)
Bill Howard Floor Co., Castro Valley               510-886-3131 Reasonable priced hardwood floor refinishing.  Good quality.  The company is easy to work with. (Parker)
The Floor Show, Berkeley                                     510-845-4633
Good quality, flexible, friendly, reasonable, good clean up.  Family owned  (9th)

Aarvaks Heating & Air Conditioning
, Berkeley   510-848-5010
Has replaced several floor furnaces for us, and does inspection of our furnaces to assure they are safe.  Reasonable, reliable.  (9th)
Pacific Heating-Albany                                        510-525-5752 Boiler & radiator service. Small, one-man service very knowledgeable about arcane steam-heating systems. (Walnut)

Stinson Security                                                510-450-4818
The owner, Kent, will do the work.  He's friendly, honest, knowledgeable, and has reasonable rates. (Parker)

Hans Stahlschmidt Painting
, Berkeley                  510-848-4040 Painted our co-op in 1999.  Amazingly, the paint job is still holding up (in 2010). Price was in the middle of the range of bids we got.  Very professional, careful lead hazard reduction work.  Completed the job in a timely manner and cleaned up well after the work. (9th)
2nd comment: Used in 2005, paint job on stucco side holding up well, but not on the wooden side of the house, good cleanup, Title 17 (Addison)
Adan Vargas                                                        510-967-0337
Very conscientious, reasonably priced, basic carpentry skills to make repairs before painting.  (BACLT)

Albert Nahman Plumbing
, Berkeley                     510-843-6904
Has done numerous jobs for us over the past 15 years, ranging from new water & sewer lines, and new kitchen sinks to replacing toilets and other repair work.  Higher priced, but clean, professional, reliable and honest.     (9th)
Pelican Plumbing, Berkeley            Raul               510-338-3225    
Recently replace water lines at 60% of the cost estimated by Nahman.  They did good work and were responsive on a call-back.  We will be using them in the future.  (9th)
Peter Renoir Plumbing, Merced,CA 209-634-0612 (c)510-914-6148  Replaced 100 gal water heater that supplies 26 apts. Superior services, reasonable prices. (Crossroads)
Reyes Plumbing,    Carlos Reyes                  510-215-3131              Conscientious, replaced sewer lines, crew stayed until 7pm to get plumbing hooked up.  Reasonably priced.  Very slow with paperwork, and not always responsive to call backs.  (BACLT)

Elliott & Elliott
, Oakland                                       510-444-7270 Large local roofing company.  Did roof for Walnut House Co-op.  Very responsive- returned to inspect and fix minor flaws without delay.   (Walnut)
2nd comment:
We used Elliot & Elliot and felt they did a good job, but they were NOT responsive (did not show up when they said they would, did not return calls) and did a poor job of cleaning up (left nails on ground, lots of roofing debris.) This was 1996. Maybe they've improved. (9th)
GRC Roofing, Gerardo Chavez, Oakland                   510-568-0531
Did torch-down bitumen roof in 2009.  Fast, careful, very reasonably priced.  Very good clean up, and responsive follow-up.  (9th)
MNJ Roofing Company
510-247-1121 (mobile: 510-612-8226)
State license # 831633
Ratzlesnatch Coop just got our badly leaking garage roof replaced by MNJ Roofing Company (recommended to us by our neighbor Sloan Fidler, formerly of Cheeseboard Collective) and we were delighted with them. Reasonably priced, fast, efficient, clean, thoughtful (e.g. they noticed we have a little board-bridge for the coop cats that rests on the roof & added some extra roofing protection for that spot!).

Sewer & Drain Problems
Chris’ Quality Sewer & Drains
-Berkeley                510-524-1461 Small, one person service (with occasional helper).  Very responsive, cost conscious. Sewer and drain only i.e. no plumbing.  (Walnut)

Tree Trimming:
Arbor Artist: Gray Shaw, Berkeley                          510-848-6752 Trimmed our trees for several years.  Reliable, careful with detail, good clean-up.  Good with explaining work to be done.  Reasonable prices and high quality work. Helped found Addison St co-op.        (9th St.)


David Carrillo-CPA,
Berkeley                                 510-548-4940 Has done our taxes for over 10 years.  Reasonable, quick turn-around.  Understands co-op finances and works with several co-ops.  Lives in a co-op.              (9th)

Home Inspection
Building Inspection Services, Alan Block, Berkeley 510-549-0701
A General Contractor specializing in inspection surveys and reports.  We found him very professional, knowledgeable, and articulate on many aspects of building materials, construction, and equipment. (Parker)

John Stewart Company, San Francisco
A number of the limited equity co-ops I work with work with the John Stewart Co. My experience with them has been good. I know they do market co-ops as well. (Rick Lewis, BACLT)

Roof Inspection:
Sam Frankel
, Berkeley                                            510-644-2539
A former union roofer, He is great at assessing roof leaks and estimating remaining life of a roof.  He has found the source of leaks that no other roofer could identify.  We use him to check our roof every few years to tell us how much life is left before we re-roof.  Reasonable, honest.  Sam does not do much of this but is very supportive of co-ops and is willing to take on co-op clients.    (9th, BACLT)

Termite Inspection
Live Oak Structural,
Berkeley                                510-524-7101 Environmentally friendly company, uses low-toxic methods to treat pests.  We were satisfied with their pest treatment work, but not thrilled with their construction.  Their price is a bit high, and they are very busy.  (9th)

East Bay Structural & Termite Co., Emeryville       510-652-4712
We found them to be thorough, low priced, and able to schedule an appointment within one to two weeks.  We had them do only the inspections, not the repair work.           (9th)
2nd comment: They came in quick with bid, but communications were difficult after that. They did good stucco work, but other construction was poor, with many mistakes, difficult to get them to correct mistakes
They were reasonably priced and clean, but would say overall, they had poor integrity and did not explain work well. (Addison)

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