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Columbus United Cooperative

Newest co-op in San Francisco

CUC is the first new limited equity housing co-op to be created in the San Francisco Bay Area in at least 10 years. This site is in San Francisco’s Chinatown, next to the historic I-Hotel.  It began with the struggle of the tenants in 1998 when the building was slated for demolition. With the help of the Asian Law Caucus, they stopped the demolition and achieved the option to purchase the building. In 2006, San Francisco Community Land Trust purchased the building for the tenants and created the housing cooperative.  SFCLT worked with the residents, Asian Law Caucus, Asian Neighborhood Design and Chinatown Community Development Center and the City of San Francisco undertake a major renovation of the building. The tenants now own their homes as a permanently affordable co-op within in the community land trust. The building will remain for new generations of low-income tenants.  The Asian Law Caucus occupies the ground floor of the building. Contact: sfclt.org

Columbus United Coop Members

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