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Brigid House Cooperative

Send your inquiries to: shelleymchugh@juno.com

Brigid House Cooperative, established 1985, is a relaxed functional cooperative in a comfortably clean house. Regular house meetings held weekly honor our primary principles of clear, respectful communication and consensus decision-making. We also utilize a house log book for ongoing communication due to our varied schedules.

We range in age, class backgrounds, customs and pursuits. Currently we are six women. The household has some pagan roots (hence the name--the household was formed on that holiday). We care about the world and helping to make it a better place. This is often reflected in our habits and choices of work. We tend toward education, art, nonprofits, activism and service.

We are becoming a non-profit to legalize our intention: Affordable housing as an investment in community versus the real estate market. We hope to reach this goal in 2018; and, we get side tracked.This goal may alter our individual financial commitment which we are learning about as we proceed.

We are located in West Berkeley on a moderately quiet street. We're near a thriving shop district, major bus routes, 15 minute walk from BART. The house is lovely, 7 generous bedrooms. We have abundant common space including a spacious attic, an ample backyard with an established permaculture garden.

Some specific agreements include no live-in pets, minimal scented products, no tobacco smokers and no drug or alcohol dependent members. Maintaining the soundness and cleanliness of our home requires a commitment of at least two hours of chores per week, an occasional retreat and a 2-3 hour work party every few months.

Each member elects and commits as best they can to ongoing trouble-shooting that runs the gamut from neighborhood relations to appliance purchases to building repairs. Each member cooks a 3 course vegetarian, organic meal for the whole group at least once a month (adding bone broth is our exception). Monthly rental cost is approximately $650.

If the preceding sounds like a co-op where you would like to contribute your energy and time, then please read our preliminary questions below and email us your responses. We will aim to get back to you one to two weeks from receiving your reply. Please give us your phone number. Finding the right fit is more important to us than filling the space so we take more than a month to finalize.

1. From this description of Brigid Collective, what excites you about our household?
2. Tell us about the skills you bring to community. What experience do you have with consensus decision making or facilitation?
3. What experiences have prepared you for or attracted you to collective living? What are some good and bad parts of living collectively?
4. What are your current passions and how do they fit into your life?
5. How do you spend your time? What are your major time commitments? Are you available Tuesday evenings?
6. What are your dietary needs? How do you feel about housemates cooking and eating meat?
7. How do you describe your gender? How old are you?
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