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Baker's Dozen Co-Op

Baker's Dozen Co-op

Contact: 733bakersdozen@gmail.com for more information.

We are 13 people living collectively in a smoke-free, 4-story Victorian house in San Francisco's Western Addition neighborhood. We are of various ages, genders, sexual orientations and class and ethnic backgrounds, with a multitude of interests and activities. Many of us are politically active. We are looking for housemates who are committed to honest communication, compassionate accountability, and shared responsibilities. The rent is affordable, but we are looking for someone with a sincere desire to live collectively, not just interested in cheap rent.

Our house has 13 bedrooms, a huge fully-stocked kitchen, dining room, 2 living rooms, small library, meditation/art room, back yard with garden, laundry room, 6 bathrooms (never wait!), wi-fi, some storage and plenty of bike parking.

As a low income household we have a strict initial income cap. Individual applicants must earn less than $28,550 gross annual income per year. The income cap is higher for parents with dependents. Initial move-in Costs: $945 (1st month + 2 months deposit), $165 (1st month bulk food & utilities, and a $200 bulk deposit (which can be spread over 6 months). We require a minimum of a two-year commitment (although we're looking for folks who want to make a longer term commitment).

Contact: 733bakersdozen@gmail.com for more information.

Baker's Dozen co-op is an equal opportunity, non profit, housing cooperative working in collaboration with SFCLT. People with considerable life experience are encouraged to apply.

We are a non-profit, housing cooperative working with the San Francisco Community Land Trust.

Bakers Dozen House

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