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Parker Street Co-op

Studio & 1 BR in Berkeley

Are you looking to live simply but live well in the heart of Berkeley?  Then please take a look at www.parkerstreetcoop.org where you can learn more about how to become an owner at Parker Street Limited Equity Cooperative.  We have two openings: a studio apartment and a 1BR apartment, both on the second floor.  We're inviting applications for new members until Monday, June 25, 2012 at 5:00p.m. (see www.parkerstreetcoop.org for application). Target move-in date: September 1. 
You're invited to an optional one-hour information session at the coop on one of these three dates: June 16, 10am; June 17, 5:00pm; June 18, 7:00pm.   All sessions start at the arbor on the sidewalk between 2337 and 2339 Parker Street in Berkeley. 
Our co-op has 24 units in 2 buildings, and we've been a coop for nearly 20 years.  We are our own landlords.   Members own the co-op in undivided shares ( around $15,000 for a studio apartment or $19,000 for a 1BR).  Monthly carrying charges are about $400 for a studio or $500 or a 1BR and include basic maintenance expenses and utilities, but not your electric bill or food.  We live simply, manage the property together, and share a small garden.
Members range in age from 3 months to 88 years, with dancers, accountants, teachers, artists, programmers, architects and more in our membership.  
For more information and/or an application, visit our new webpage, www.parkerstreetcoop.org.  Email questions to parkerstreetcoop@yahoo.com.
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In Community,
The Parker Street Limited Equity Cooperative
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